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Faith, Doubt, and Squirmin’ Herman


Yesterday I guest-blogged over at the Beliefnet blog of Jason Boyett, the funny and talented author of O Me of Little Faith.  My post is part of a series he’s doing called “Voices of Doubt,” exploring the role of doubt in the life of faith. My story begins when, at age 7, I laid my Squirmin’ Herman toy out like Gideon’s fleece so that God could demonstrate his power.  Read all about it.


3 thoughts on “Faith, Doubt, and Squirmin’ Herman

  1. Fantastic piece, Trudy. I fall back on the doubter all the time in my faith walk. He is me. Thank God he made it into the Bible, or I might be a lost cause. I’ve come to accept doubt as part of my life. Sometimes I wish I could see the world fully in black and white, but then I think of all the colors I’d be missing out on. Doubt is okay.

  2. Saw your post over there and I’m duly impressed to smile. Well written, well said, and thank you for sharing. I’m not so free to express my doubts and struggles, but they are there.

  3. Well put!
    Doubt is an integral part of faith. Acknowledging doubt and coming to terms with it is an act of faith. Perhaps much more so than never expressing it at all.

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