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A Vow Fulfilled …


OK, so you might remember (or, far more likely,  you might not; it really depends how obsessive a reader of my blog you are) that way back in September, I completely cleaned my desk at home and took a picture. It looked like this:

At the time, I promised that if I couldn’t keep it like that, I would hold myself accountable to the world (well, the tiny portion that reads my blog) by posting a picture of what it really looks like when I haven’t just tidied it. So, sometime during the hectic month of November, I snapped this pic:

Yeah, that’s a bit more like real life, isn’t it?

In my own defense, however, I will say that my desk at work is tidy all the time.  I said to Jason, “What does that suggest to you?” and he said, “You do your best work at home?”

A careful look at the items on the messy desk reveals that almost none of them belong to, or were placed there, by me. In fact, most of them have to do with the kids’ activities, homework, drawing, etc. So the inevitable conclusion is that, while I’m not great at keeping my desk tidy, I wouldn’t have to work nearly so hard if I weren’t sharing my work space with so many people.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!


2 thoughts on “A Vow Fulfilled …

  1. *I* remember!

    And … lol. You did say it wouldn’t stay that way.

  2. It’s not so bad! You can still see parts of the desk under the files and misc. items! 🙂

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