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Guess What I Have in my House Today …


A teenager!!!!

Somehow, we’ve gotten here:

from way back here:

Hard to believe, isn’t it?

I’ve been making lots of jokes about the fear and terror of having a teenager, but the fact is, of course, that I’ve spent my entire working life with teenagers. I’ve been around teenagers since I was one myself, and if I were to list my professional assets, I’d say that an ability to communicate with teenaged boys is probably one of my biggest skills. That, however, is as a teacher and a youth worker. As a mom … we’ll just have to see what the next few years bring!

Happy birthday, Christopher!


2 thoughts on “Guess What I Have in my House Today …

  1. It doesn’t seem that long ago Chris sat in my arms while I chorded with my left hand, letting him stroke the strings. Now he says “Grampa, can we get out the Les Paul? I want to show you something.”
    Dead brilliant!

  2. Teenager’s mom, congratulations!

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