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I Lost on Jeopardy, Baby (Part 3)

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No, I didn’t really lose on Jeopardy!, because I never got to appear on Jeopardy! Regular readers of this blog will have followed the tale of adventure that started exactly two years ago, when I took the online test to try out for the famous TV game show.

Five months later, I was amazed to receive an invitation to a live Jeopardy! audition. In New York City. It was an expensivee plane ticket but, I thought, worth it to pursue a life-long dream. So I went to New York for the audition.

Then I went home and waited.

After you audition, your name goes into a contestant file for eighteen months. You could be called to be on the show anytime during those eighteen months. And in case you’re keeping track, I tried out in June of 2009, so with the closing of the old year, 2010 — my eighteen months in the contestant file ended. And I never got the call. Either I didn’t know enough trivia, or I didn’t appear bright and telegenic enough in the audition, or they just didn’t need another contestant who fit my demographic.

Honestly, if I lived a short train ride from NYC or another big US city, I’d try out again immediately, as many times as it took to finally get the call. But I don’t have the money to keep flying off to the States for auditions so I’ll probably let a few years pass before I try again. And even then, I still might not get it. In New York, I met a man who was there for his fifth tryout. And he seemed pretty smart!

Do I regret trying out and not getting called? Not one bit! Even though “not getting on TV shows I’ve dreamed of appearing on” seems to be a bit of a theme in my life lately, I’ll always be a believer in pursuing dreams, big or little. Whatever happens in the future, the one thing I can be absolutely sure of is that I won’t be 85 years old and thinking, “I wish I’d tried out for Jeopardy! when I had the chance!”


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