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I know I’ve posted a lot lately about things in my personal life because, well, there’s been a lot going on there lately. I’m always aware that the blogging I do here is a balance between the personal and the professional (which I’ve also accepted is the reason I’m never going to have a wildly popular blog with thousands of readers) and lately the professional has been getting short shrift  on the blog. So this is a quick post to bring blog-readers up to date on the latest writing news from my corner of the world.

I made a brief reference a couple of weeks ago to the fact that my new novel, Sunrise Hope, has just been released by Review & Herald. The only reason I haven’t made a big deal about this yet is that I’m waiting till it’s available on Amazon and in my local Christian bookstore. When that happens, I’ll be doing some promotional events, which will include a giveaway here on the blog. Keep watching!

Also, By the Rivers of Brooklyn is finally available as an e-book. This is great, since I’m an avid e-book reader and love to see books in electronic formats. It’s also great because when I used to go to the Kobo website and search for “Trudy Morgan-Cole,” the first hit I got was always this highly inappropriate, not-safe-for-work link to a book about a young lady named Trudi who, judging by the cover illustration, is so destitute she cannot afford a complete pair of pants. She’s clearly embarrassed about this since she’s facing away from the camera, which unfortunately makes her lack of proper garments even more obvious. I am relieved to note that now if you search for my name on www.kobobooks.com, you get me, and Trudi seems to have disappeared entirely. She’s probably gone to look for some pants.

Finally, while my private life has been absorbing, I haven’t been neglecting writing. In fact, I’ve been kind of absorbed in that too.  Breakwater Books is very interested in my current historical novel — interested to the point that they have a cover mock-up (see above!) and a “Coming Soon!” blurb on their site while I’m still frantically racing to finish the latest draft on time. It’s all very exciting but it’s made for some busy times. There’ll be lots more news about this book, That Forgetful Shore, soon, so, as always, you can watch this space for further developments.

One more cool writing-related thing this week was that CASA, the Seventh-day Adventist publishing house in Brazil, has released a Portuguese translation of my book Daughters of Grace.  It’s weird and cool to see your own book in a language you can’t read — and there are Finnish and possibly Serbian translations of the same book  coming up in the future. (UPDATE: Thanks to Ansku’s post below I now know the Finnish translation is already in print, though I haven’t seen a copy yet!) I look forward to having that weird/cool experience again and again.


13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back at my Desk …

  1. How exciting! In my initial skimming of your site I thought I could purchase your new book as an e-reader and I was ready to immediately go to amazon and purchase it, but then I read closer and found out that wasn’t so. I’m looking forward to the day when it is so. It sounds very interesting!

    • I’m hoping that when Sunrise Hope comes out on Amazon there will also be a Kindle edition — Review & Herald seems to be getting into doing that with some of their books, but not all.

  2. i’m getting a kobo, too, and i’m hoping that it will make my book-buying a little more affordable! (stay-at-home mom/writer-who-doesn’t-make-enough hits the library more often than the boostore…) i want to pick up a copy of “by the rivers of brooklyn.” it looks fascinating!

      • I very much doubt getting a kobo will save you any money … not if you’re like me! It’s so easy to download books online that I tend to buy INSTEAD of going to the library — so I am definitely spending more on books … but at least they’re not taking up the shelf space.

        But I definitely recommend spending the money for “Brooklyn” — hope you like it!!

  3. Awesome with the publishing news. It’s your turn for some good stuff to happen. And I love the cover for ‘that forgetful shore’. It’s lurvely.

    • Yes, I love it too. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a cover before the final draft was done. I look at it to inspire myself; it’s really lovely.

  4. Your name is bigger than the title. What do you think of that?

  5. The Finnish translation of Daughters of Grace is available already. I was talking to the owners of the local Christian bookshop and they were all excited about it. Customers have been very happy and it is selling well so they have been ordering more. 🙂

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