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My Brilliant Children Strike Again


Honestly, the time and energy these two waste squabbling with each other is all the more phenomenal when you consider what they can accomplish if they lay aside their conflict and work together. World domination would be nothing to them.

For months now they’ve been working on a massive project called “Bricktown,” an intricate Lego village that takes up all of Chris’s desktop and has spilled over into new land developments on a nearby table. Not only does Bricktown have several homes and businesses, streets, vehicles, a park and a lake, it also has over 80 inhabitants who are known, not just by name but by detailed personal history, to their creators.

So, of course, the next step is to hit the movies. This weekend the kids made three “Bricktown podcast” short movies. They’re only about 30 seconds each, but they contain some really fine animation, created by Emma’s photography and Chris’s MovieMaker wizardry. Jason and I were only called in to see the finished products after they were made. I think all three are great, but the first one, particularly, has an effect which really impresses me. Shameless mom-brag, I know, but it was about time for one!


6 thoughts on “My Brilliant Children Strike Again

  1. Very cool! Plenty of reason for mom-bragging.

  2. These are cute! The third one is a little dark – from being shot inside a building I assume – but these are fun! About how long does it take for them to make, film, edit, etc. one 30-second piece?

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    I need to go buy some more Lego for Danielle now.

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