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All Eyes Were On Me …


OK, well, I don’t think anyone’s eyes are on me, as such. If they were, you would have seen me not blogging. But everyone’s eyes should be on this lovely vintage postcard from the early 1900s.

For the last month I’ve been insanely busy getting the final draft of That Forgetful Shore ready to go to the publisher so they can send advance copies to the endorsers and reviewers. That’s finally done and I’m enjoying the first few truly relaxing days in many months.

It’s exciting to think about how soon this book will be on the shelf and in the hands of readers. Well, exciting and terrifying, because that’s the way my mind works. Here’s one thing I can tell you about That Forgetful Shore if I haven’t told you already: it was inspired by a collection of postcards found in the 150-year-old house built by my great-great-grandfather in Coley’s Point, Newfoundland.

In the end, the postcards didn’t end up playing a huge part in the story, but they started the train of thought that got me wondering about the life of a young woman who taught in outport schoolhouses in early 20th-century Newfoundland, and her friendship with another woman — a mysterious friend whose name I don’t even know, who wrote postcards full of love, longing, and (it seemed to me) a sense of frustration that her life was perhaps not as fulfilling as her friend’s life.

Postcards were big business in the early 1900s, and there are some beautiful ones in the Coley’s Point collection. This is my favourite, so much so that I couldn’t resist mentioning it in the novel. I guess our emails and Facebook messages and even tweets today take on the role of postcards — short, in-the-moment messages that capture a tiny slice of our lives — but they’ll never be as visually attractive as these relics of a century ago!


4 thoughts on “All Eyes Were On Me …

  1. Love the post card and can’t wait to read the book! I actually used to collect post cards at one time, so anything postcard related tends to catch my eye. Of course, anything written by you also catches my eye. I declare, you are my favorite Newfoundland author.

    • Aww, you are so kind! Postcards would be a cool thing to collect, but I’m particularly interested in the old ones. Maybe I should post a “vintage postcard of the week” until the book comes out!

  2. I really hope that the art director finds some way to work these postcards in–especially this one, which is so cute!

    • It would be great, but I imagine it would add to production costs, so I don’t know if it will happen, though I’ve given them some postcard scans including this one. By googling I discovered this postcard is one of a series — there’s another one with a girl in a red bathing costume at the seashore, which is cute too.

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