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Postcard Caption Competition #3


This is one of my favourites from the postcard collection — just because it’s so odd. The real caption makes it much, much odder, but first I want to see what you can come up with. Suggest a caption for this postcard!

Remember, everyone who enters gets their name added to a draw for a copy of That Forgetful Shore as soon as it’s released. Next week I’ll post my favourite caption, and also the real one, for this vintage postcard.


18 thoughts on “Postcard Caption Competition #3

  1. “..if you look closely, its ok, they can’t see us from there…”

  2. The judge told me that this morning.

  3. Pssst…buddy….you keep looking at her that way, you’ll creep her out!

  4. “Her father said he can always sniff out the best deals. I don’t think he’s aware that cheapness is not a sixth sense.”

  5. It’s a green door. Knock three times and tell them Joe sent you.

  6. “Don’t look now…..but I think they are looking at us!”

  7. Just go outside, I’ll keep watch for, you look like you’re about to bust!

  8. “Don’t look now, but you have a tear in your pants…”

  9. Who said it’s just women who gossip?

  10. “Well, I’m up for weekend hike, but where’s Brokeback Mountain”?

  11. This is a correction, not a caption. Meant to put the question mark inside the quotation marks. No chance to edit after hitting “reply.”

  12. “Don’t get me wrong, but I think that smirk on your face is a dead giveaway!”

  13. “Keep this under your hat…”

  14. Keep looking nonchalant, the coppers will never suspect.

  15. Psst….Li’l C called. He wants his swagger back.

  16. Never one to gloat over other people’s misfortune, William nevertheless had a hard time wiping the grin off his face as Derek related his story of what happens when you take too many of those little blue pills.

  17. Oh my goodness, these are all so good … this week is going to be a tough choice!!!

  18. Excuse me sir, but one of your ears is missing.

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