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At the end of our journeys through Europe, we finally arrived in rome, where I was able to fully indulge my passion for history by visiting the ruins of the Palatine, the Roman Forum, the Coliseum, and Pompeii. Given the extreme heat through which we tramped to see all this, the kids were remarkably decent about these forays into the past, with only a little complaining. Much of our time was spent seeking out the water faucets that the Romans obligingly station throughout public spaces, not just to fill our water bottles but to wet our heads and feet, soak our hats and shirts, and do anything else that might keep us cool.

I’d like to say that my fascination with ancient Rome came from a good grounding in the classics in my youth, or even from the many years I’ve taught Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in school. But really, it was awakened in the most low-brow way — by the HBO TV series Rome, which really made me eager to come here and see the traces of this great civilization. Oh well, we can’t pick and choose our sources of inspiration, but whatever inspired me, I’m glad I finally got here!


2 thoughts on “Roma!

  1. New to your blogs and really enjoying them. If you have a fascination with Rome and you haven’t read them yet, try The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. She is one of a VERY small handful of Christian Fiction authors that I enjoy/can tolerate, and she wrote an excellent trilogy about Rome in the time of the early Christians. It’s not so much about Christian history as about the lives of the characters, some of whom are believers and some not. I believe that she writes characters, regardless of their faith and morality, very well. I have been disappointed in very few of her books.
    If you check them out, I’ll be interested to know what you think!

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