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Postcard Caption Contest — #4 (and final!)


With just over two weeks to go till That Forgetful Shore hits bookstore shelves, I’ve got time for just one more vintage postcard to which you can add your suggested (usually quite silly) captions. Scroll down past my vacation pics to seem some of the things people have come up with in past weeks. As before, everyone who enters gets their name put into a draw for a free copy of the book, but I will pick a “winner” (i.e., my favourite) of the suggested captions to post here in a week or so.

Here’s the last postcard:


16 thoughts on “Postcard Caption Contest — #4 (and final!)

  1. He: She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah, she loves you, yeah, yeah…
    She: Sorry, Paul, but that’ll never sell. Go back to the ukelele.

  2. (Thought bubble) Sears-Roebuck guitar with 6 E-Z lessons: $9.95. Her attention: priceless.

  3. Ok Wilbur, if I agree to marry you will you promise to never sing and play guitar again?

  4. No, Mildred, I don’t know Crazy Train but if you hum a few bars…

  5. Oh Jim, white socks with black shoes? Will you EVER get it?

  6. Look, Friedrich, the flower and song are nice, but, um… I think we need to talk.

  7. I think he’s about to propose…

  8. On second thought, I really don’t need your heart–here, take it back.

  9. He loves me, he loves me not.

  10. If he doesn’t shut up I swear to God I will stuff whatever this thing is in his mouth.

  11. She: “I don’t know Marty. Perhaps if you rhymed ‘Cantina’ instead of ‘Supoena,’ you might have a hit song. But what do I know. I’m just a girl who lives in west Texas.”

  12. Well, actually, I’ve been invited to play at a concert in Woodstock, New York. They tell me I’ll be following some guy named Hendrix; sure hope they don’t get us confused…

  13. Great suggestions, folks! (love yours especially, Sherry!). I have to admit I have my own suggested caption for this:

    (She thinks): Does he really believe he’s the only guy who knows “Stairway to Heaven”?

    You all are making it hard to choose a winner, but I will come up with one in a few days! Keep making suggestions.

    • Trudy, I think you should enter your own contest with that caption. Almost every student I’ve had has learned the first part of “Stairway to Heaven,” and rushes out to buy a Stratocaster, thinking he’ll be the next rock guitarist on American Idol.

  14. He’d been sat there all alone playing ‘Come into the garden Maud’ and amazingly, it finally worked!

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