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Great Evening


I’m so obsessive on the subject of music that I”d never be able to tell you my “favourite song” or even give you a Top Ten list, because there are just so many songs that move me in so many different ways. But on any Top Anything list I might ever create based on the mood of the  moment, I’m pretty sure this song would be on it:

 And the odds are good that if this song didn’t make the cut, it would be very close:

 Last night I got to sit in the front row and hear Jim Cuddy perform both those songs (and a bunch of others) live. My evening couldn’t have been any better.


2 thoughts on “Great Evening

  1. Wow… I’m jealous. Many years ago I saw them at a bar in Halifax, well before I really knew who they were. I think the bar was called the Misty Moon. Everything I’ve heard from them I like, but I haven’t given all of it a listen… I should.

    I’d have to add “Try” as one of my all time favourites from ANY band or genre.

    • He did “Try” for an encore. Came out and sat down at the piano and said, “Now, just like everybody thinks they can play ‘Bad Timing,’ everybody thinks I can’t hit the high notes in this song anymore,” and moved right into “Try.” And yes, he can still hit the high notes (though a few of them looked like they took some effort!)

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