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A Brief Diversion


I have had such interesting blog posts brewing in my brain for the last little while … one on women and body image, another on the Occupy movement … but it’s a busy time of year and it’s a little hard to pull my thoughts together to post anything intelligent. So I’m going to post a video of someone else being intelligent, and funny too, just to tide you over.

One of my biggest pet peeves is incorrect use of the English language. The misuse being ranted about in this clip is one that drives me insane, but I would never be able to put it as well as the devastatingly funny British comedian David Mitchell.


4 thoughts on “A Brief Diversion

  1. Yes I like that one. My favourite of those is the one about Man Flu.

    • I watched that one last night too. After loving David Mitchell’s appearances on QI for the last few years, we only just discovered his Soapboxes. Despite what he says though, I still think Man Flu is a real thing. But I’ll admit my sample size is small.

      • I shall continue to spell “plow” as it should be spelled, and I shall omit the “u” from “color.” But I am in complete agreement with the Queen, or Mr. Mitchell, that “I could care less” should be banished. Drives me nuts, too.
        Thanks, Trudy, for the intro to David Mitchell. Fun.

  2. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

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