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These Pictures Should Disturb You


Seen these two pictures of fashion models? They’ve been making the social-media rounds (though the second one has been around for a couple of years).

This is “plus sized” model Katie Halchishick, showing what changes would have to be made to her body if she wanted to look like a Barbie doll (she doesn’t).

And this is 20 year old, 5’11”, 175 lb model Lizzie Miller, who has been told by some “plus sized” clothing designers that she’s “too fat” too model their clothes.

Lizzie Miller, by the way, is my height and weighs about 10 lbs more than I do. I don’t know where she’s putting the extra 10 lbs because she looks a lot better than I do naked, but then, 20 generally looks a little firmer and smoother than 46, and she probably hasn’t birthed two live human beings out of that body yet. Anyhow, I’m not going to be posting nude pics of myself on the blog anytime soon (collective sigh of relief from readers).

A recent article points out that “plus sized” in model-speak now means sizes 6 – 14. At a time when illnesses linked to obesity are killing people, and eating disorders are also killing people, advertisers are forcing women’s ideal body images ever further from reality. The average fashion model now weighs 23% less than the average woman At a time when people need genuine information and help with living healthier lifestyles, what we’re being given instead is body hatred — the least  likely thing to motivate people to permanent, healthy change. And we’re buying into the self-hatred, and so are our daughters, and that makes me sick.

This is not an easy society in which to be raising kids at all, but raising a daughter is especially difficult. It’s so hard to send the right messages and help her block out the wrong ones. So hard to balance the message that you should never judge yourself by the size or shape or condition of your body, with the equally important message that this is the only body they’re ever going to issue you, and you should do all you can to keep it in optimum working order. Looks are a so much more immediate and powerful motivator for young girls than health and fitness. Yet wanting to have the perfect-looking body is the one motivator that will always, always come back to bite you on the butt — whether that butt is curvy or flat as a pancake. Because you will never be good enough for a world where a size 6 model is “plus sized.” And you’ll go crazy trying.


7 thoughts on “These Pictures Should Disturb You

  1. Lizzy Miller you are so beautiful.

    I sometimes watch fashion shows either on tv or fashion galleries, some of the models are so tiny that I think to myself, “Oh honey, why?” I want to give them a hug and give them a sandwich why we have a little chat. It is very sad what women would do to think they are “improving” their image for society. I believe woman with curves are just as or more beautiful then any Miss see my vertabrate.

  2. Buying clothes in the US year and a half ago was surprising: clothes two sizes smaller fit me compared to eight years ago. Quite pleasant, indeed. Except that I knew I was bigger than eight years ago.

    Have they just made the sizes bigger to make us feel better? Am I more likely to buy an outfit if it is -let’s say- size six instead of size eight or size ten instead of size twelve? Have I unearthed a conspiracy?

    • I don’t know! Clothing sizes seem to mean nothing as they vary from one label to another and one store to another. Maybe they are changing over time. I know that I prefer buying pants with a waist size and inseam length since that at least seems to mean something, as opposed to dress size which just seems to be a number picked out of the air!

      • I agree with the sizes. Some stores I might wear a size 10 and other stores I can squeeze into a size 4. I find it so amazing how sizes differ in different stores. I find myself in Old Navy wearing an XS shirt when usually I wear a medium. I do wondering at times if the “standard” sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. are changing over time to fit society. If you stick to the true number such asthe inseam and waist size you can not go wrong.

    • Each store has different sizes because of the fact that the CEO has different standards/ or view as to how their clothes should be worn. models like the beautiful one above are all getting together and destroying the ‘barbie’ look in the view of the media. so companies are changing their sizes to conform with the new ‘norm’….there are many factors that contribute to why each company has their own size……….

  3. Plus size equals perfect size. Most men today would agree that the two women pictured here are amazingly beautiful, impossible idyllic and true perfection. Pop culture perpetuates the notion of ‘skinny is sexy’ and perhaps, to some, it is. But to the vast majority of society ‘natural is sexy’ and in nature, both men and women come in many shape, all of whom are attractive in their own ways, in particular, the women pictured here!

    • I fully agree with your comment and I actually am a guy. Size ZERO is not sexy to anyone. but it does put money in big wig pockets, and thats what counts……..to them.

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