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OK, that’s a bit of a cheat because she’s actually 11 years and 11 months in that picture.

And I bet she will be annoyed with me for putting up a picture I chose rather than letting her pick one, because 12 is old enough (alas) to view your own pictures critically, to decide you don’t like the shape of your mouth or the tilt of your chin in this one or that one.

But to me, this picture shows not just my daughter’s beauty but her energy and spirit and sense of fun. She took my breath away 12 years ago today when I saw her for the first time, and she still takes my breath away today.

Happy birthday, Emma.


4 thoughts on “Twelve

  1. Such a beautiful post. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday dear Emma. We are looking forward to picking you up after school today and hanging out with you while we wait for Chris to get out. Then we’re going off to see Aunt Gertie, where you’ll be sure to collect some loot!

    Love you, Grammy and Grandpa

  3. By the way, I actually don’t like the tilt of my chin in the picture 🙂

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