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Grand Concourse: Week Two

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I promise, the Grand Concourse trails will not be the only thing I blog about this spring and summer, but right now I’m still finding them pretty intriguing. The good weather continued this week and allowed me, accompanied by various family members, to cover parts of several more trails. The longest walk this week was yesterday afternoon, when the four of us, accompanied by my cousin Jennifer (but not by Max) walked part of the section of the Grand Concourse that is also part of the Newfoundland T’Railway, starting in downtown St. John’s at the former railway station, Mile 0 of the T’Railway.

The T’Railway is the several-hundred-kilometre long walking/hiking/ATV trail that was developed after our railway tracks were torn up some years ago. One of my goals is to someday walk the whole T’Railway across the island, but that will have to wait for a time in life when I have fewer responsibilities than I do now! For about 15 km, from the old railway station out to the town of Paradise, a section of the T’Railway is also a part of the Grand Concourse. We did about the first third of that yesterday, from Mile 0 out to Bowring Park.

One of the things I love about the T’Railway is that it winds through most of the green spaces of St. John’s, but is always close to houses and busy streets, so the beautiful and interesting sights you see while walking are often a mix of natural and urban beauty. Like this one, which intrigued us:

Normally, any kind of litter thrown in a river infuriates me, but I have to say this broken-off stop sign created an interesting image.

Then there are moments of pure natural beauty along the Waterford River, like these, which provides the mad hope of … could it be … tiny buds on a tree branch? In APRIL??

Then it’s back to the urban beauty with some very impressive graffiti underneath a bridge as we made our way into Bowring Park, end of the trail for the day:

This week I covered about 15 km, which makes 25 km in my GCT project so far. And this April is definitely not the cruellest month as it usually is here in Newfoundland!


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