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Goodbye April

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Remember how I told you about all the walking I was getting done because we were having an exceptionally beautiful April? It really was incredible, with unseasonably warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. I even posted a picture taken on the trail down by the Waterford River showing a few shy, hesitant buds on a tree branch — something we never see in April.

Here’s how the tree buds were doing yesterday morning:

Yes, we woke on the last morning of April to a winter wonderland. But unlike some years (such as 1997, when I have cause to vividly remember a snowstorm that dumped about 70 cm on us at the end of April), the morning of wet snow barely lingered long enough for us to get our boots back out of the closet. By afternoon, snow had been replaced with rain, then with brilliant sun, and although it was still cold the return of winter was only a brief flashback.

Though it was a busy evening, Jason and Max and I even managed to fit in one more quick Grand Concourse walk, on the poorly-signed and oddly-named Confederation Hill loop, that appears to go about halfway around the hill where Confederation Building sits and then … blends into the sidewalk? I’m not sure. We couldn’t figure out how to pick up the trail to complete the “loop,” but hey, we were in the parking lot of Confederation Building so it’s not like it was hard to find our way back to the car. As our prematurely springlike April ends I’ve walked about 35 km, but there’s a LOT of unwalked kilometres of trail yet to cover in the next couple of months.


One thought on “Goodbye April

  1. We had a little April snow surprise here in Alberta, too. I think it’s great that you’re doing all that walking. I SHOULD be doing a lot of walking, but even planning a walk to the library tomorrow is leaving me with that “oh, man… I have to walk the whole way?” kind of feeling. LOL

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