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Grand Concourse, Week Five: The Adventure Continues …

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This week I’ve covered a couple more Grand Concourse trails, one by myself and one with Jason and Max, taking advantage of some nice warm evenings we’ve been having. This afternoon, while Chris was at home making VERY LOUD MUSIC with a couple of friends, Jason and I escaped, along with Max, Emma, and one of Emma’s friends, to walk a small section of the trail we’d never been on before. It’s a 1.5 km stretch connecting the Kenny’s Pond walk, where we often go (memorable as the first trail we walked this year to kick-off the Grand Concourse Adventure) with the long and winding Virginia River Trail, memorable as the trail on which I got a group of Pathfinders thoroughly lost last summer.

Kenny’s Pond to Virginia River is a bit of trail that winds through several playgrounds/parks in residential areas, never too far away from a busy street. It was a mild afternoon, but breezy and overcast with the promise of rain. The rain started just as we got back to our car, so we’re glad we got our walk in when we did. That makes about 9K on the trail for me this week.

Next weekend we’re planning a longer trail walk with the Pathfinders to finish off our Hiking honour. Jason is coming along this time so I don’t turn the Pathfinders into Path-losers again. Watch for updates.


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