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Before and After: A Swing Tale


Once, long ago — so long ago it seems like a week or two — we had this:

And many hours of backyard entertainment did it give us.

But time passed. Weather happened. Swings broke. Poles rusted and were replaced or repainted. Most inevitable of all, children grew. And now we have this:

The time had come. Although both kids had outgrown it, the old swingset stayed on for the last couple of years on the grounds that it was fun to have when friends with younger kids visited. But today was the day. One era ended and another began. The old swingset had to go.

Now, there are parents who would mourn the loss of carefree childhood days, who would spend the day crying because the children had outgrown the swingset and the swingset had to go.

Then there are parents who would rejoice, because the children who once provided hours of fun and frolic are now providing that most wonderful thing of all …


Of course, they want to impress you with how VERY hard they’re working:

At the end of the day, we had this.

A clear space in the yard to begin construction on our new shed.

After the swingset was out we looked over the yard and changed our minds, and decided to put the shed on the other side of the yard. But that’s OK. It was time for the swingset to go anyway. It was a good day’s work.

You might ask, what did I do while Jason and the kids were hauling swingset poles out of the ground with their bare hands? Other than taking pictures, of course? Well, I worked inside at all kinds of necessary household jobs. I even gutted and cleaned the fridge!

But if you think I’m going to show you before-and-after pictures of THAT, then you’re crazier than I am.


6 thoughts on “Before and After: A Swing Tale

  1. Oh, that IS heartbreaking to have them outgrow it… Heck, I don’t think fridge cleaning was necessary. Someone had to man that camera! 😉

    • Oh no Patty … had I actually posted a before and after of the fridge, you would have seen that it was REALLY necessary!

      I have realized that the lifespan of the average backyard swingset is actually tied to the length of time two kids close in age are expected to use it. If we had a larger family with more little kids coming up to use it, we would have to buy replacement parts to keep the swing set going.

  2. Are they available for hire??! 🙂

  3. hahahahaha! you’re hilarious! Nah.. I don’t really want to see photos of other people’s fridges. Mine is a nightmare enough! 😉

  4. Free labor! That’s the way I like it!

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