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I just hunted up this picture again and re-read the blog post I wrote back in June 2006, when Emma “graduated” from Kindergarten.

I had forgotten the part about the principal singing “Morningtown Ride” and how it made me cry. At Emma’s Grade Six leaving ceremony this week, it was just assumed by everyone in the family that various parts of the program would make me cry. The kids sang “You Raise Me Up” accompanying a slideshow of themselves holding up signs as a tribute to their families, and Chris, who was sitting next to me, claimed I was crying before the first line of the song was over. I probably would have cried during the second slide show, contrasting pictures of the kids in Kindergarten with their present-day, almost-teenaged selves, except that the music they chose for that one was a recording of “Do I Make You Proud” by Taylor Hicks. Chris and I immediately cracked up laughing and spent the whole slide show singing along to Weird Al’s parody, “Do I Creep You Out?” This lightened the mood during what would otherwise have been a very emotional moment.

Still, that Morningtown Train is riding forwards into the future, and there’s no hope of slowing it down … only enjoying the ride.

One of the joys of school life is that you get to see not only your own children but a group of their peers grow up. I have really enjoyed watching Chris’s class and Emma’s class throughout the years of elementary school and I have to say, Emma’s class from St. Andrews is an exceptionally bright, talented and energetic group of kids. I’ll be interested to follow their careers throughout junior high and high school and see what becomes of them. But for now, school is over for another year and it’s time to pause and celebrate the milestones, and relax a little before the Morningtown Train begins the next stage of its journey.


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