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Lately, on the Grand Concourse …


Yes, I’m still plugging away at the Grand Concourse Trails project. Now that school is out I’m hoping to walk a lot of kilometres. As of this weekend I’m 11 weeks into the project and have walked almost 90 km. However I can’t really call that 90/125 km because that 90k includes many parts of the trail that I’ve walked more than once. There are still a lot of unexplored trails yet to discover over the next two months.

One of my favourite things about the urban walking trails is how they reveal hidden corners of St. John’s. I’ve lived in this city all my life and yet there are places I’ve never seen, and never would have seen if I hadn’t committed myself to this walking project. For example, the Heritage Loop walk, which Jason and I did a few weeks ago, includes a swing through the grounds of Government House. I hadn’t even realized that we taxpayers were not merely allowed but encouraged to walk on the grounds of Government House — nor that there was a “Newfoundland Totem Pole” there:

The walking trails also give a wonderful glimpse into the green spaces around St. John’s and give you the opportunity to walk through the city’s diverse weather — as with yesterday’s walk, where Jason and I, along with Max, the kids, and a couple of our kids’ friends, walked from Quidi Vidi Lake, up the Lake-to-Lookout Trail to Signal Hill, and back down on the other side of the hill via the Ladies’ Lookout and Cuckolds’ Cove trails. It was a brilliantly sunny, cool day with fog creeping in from the harbour, and we walked up through the fog, from sunshine at the lake to thick fog at Cabot Tower, then back down out of the fog into bright sunshine again. What an amazing way to view this beautiful city!

I have always been shamelessly sappy about my love for St. John’s but this walking project is just bringing that sappiness to the forefront!

I have a lot more pictures from the trails (the ones that are good from a photographic point of view are almost always taken by Jason, or occasionally by Emma or Chris) in this album. Feel free to browse through if you’re interested in seeing more!


2 thoughts on “Lately, on the Grand Concourse …

  1. You make St. John’s sound so wonderful. It sounds like a lovely place to have a lifelong relationship with. I envy that–the same city all your life. Perhaps my son will have the same town all his life… Have to start somewhere, right?

  2. I do feel that way … as if I’ve had a lifelong relationship with this city. Some people like to get around more, though, and that’s OK too.

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