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50 years ago today, my parents got married. And here they are, still married!

Growing up, I often heard the story of their tiny Saturday-evening wedding, which ended up being a bit bigger than planned because some of the people from Sabbath-evening vespers at church decided to stick around to see them married. After the ceremony, they and three guests went out to dinner (and I think the punchline was that the dinner cost $20 for everyone, or something? Correct me if I’m wrong, Dad).

The point is, they may not have been slaves to the idea of the big fairytale wedding — in fact, they were both horrified by the idea. My mom did NOT wear a princessy white wedding dress, and they had one witness each — I’m not even sure there were flowers involved. But it worked. Better than many big fairytale weddings.

I was lucky to grow up in a house where I learned that a good marriage wasn’t one in which people never argued or disagreed — it was one where they forgave each other and went on together afterwards. It’s the best gift they could have given me.

We just got back from four days in New York City celebrating this momentous milestone! At an age (mid-forties) when many of my friends have lost at least one parent and some have lost both, I feel so incredibly blessed to still have both my mom and dad here with us, and in good enough health to be able to travel and celebrate with us. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!


5 thoughts on “Congratulations!

  1. It was filet mignon for five of us, and I generously told them to keep the change from the $20.00.
    The love of a good woman for fifty years: amazing.
    The love and respect of a daughter: humbling.
    Grandchildren who seem to enjoy our company, and laugh at my jokes: Awesome!

  2. Thanks for a great trip and thanks for being a wonderful daughter – the best part is that you’re kind, considerate and caring of the old folks. Thanks to Jason, Chris and Emma, great to visit New York once again.

  3. I’d be curious to know what your wedding was like, Trudy. Did you do a tiny one like your parents?

    • Not at all! My parents strongly encouraged us to have a quiet wedding like theirs and go away somewhere for a nice trip, but Jason and I are totally different personalities from my mom and dad that way — we really wanted a big celebration with lots of family and friends. It wasn’t a HUGE wedding but big enough — we had three attendants on each side (supposed to be 4 but one of my bridesmaids got seriously ill and couldn’t come) and about 150 guests at the reception dinner.

      • That’s neat. 🙂 I wanted to elope, but my husband wanted something only slightly more wedding-ish. So we had a tiny wedding in my parent’s living room. 8 guests total. 🙂 I bet my son will end up with a big wedding. Kids seem to do things differently from their parents.

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