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Grand Concourse: Nearly There

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I’m getting close to the end of my summer Grand Concourse trail-walking project. This past week included one of my favourite walks, Oxen Pond to Long Pond, which takes the walker up over the crest of the hill at the north end of the city (question: why don’t we call these the North Side Hills, since the ones on the other side are called the South Side Hills?) and, at the top, affords a wonderful view of St. John’s spread out below. It’s a different angle on the city from the usual view that’s so often photographed from Signal Hill.

At one point along the path (this was coming up toward Oxen Pond from O’Brien’s Hill) we saw numerous butterflies — more of these bright, colourful butterflies in one place than I’ve ever seen outside the butterfly pavilion at the Newfoundland Insectarium. I guess it might have been a seasonal thing? I don’t know much about butterflies but these were very pretty.

The end of the path, behind the Health Science Centre, brings you out into a “musical garden” with outdoor chimes and drums you can play, much enjoyed by me and my walking partner of the day, Jennifer:

I look forward to being able to post soon that I have walked the whole Grand Concourse! Keep watching for updates.





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