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We’re one week into the new school year (albeit with a missed day already for a hurricane) and it’s the usual mix of crazy-busy and fun. Last week I saw the following cartoon making the rounds among some of my teacher friends’ Facebook pages:

It’s pretty funny, but I’m lucky enough to be able to say I don’t really relate to this one. I love my job, my co-workers, and my students at The Murphy Centre so much that I actually do look forward to the first day of school … on that level. It’s fun to get back into the classroom in September, see my former students again and get to know the new ones. Since I started teaching there I’ve never dreaded the onset of school, even though I ALSO love my vacations.

I also don’t relate to the common theme of moms being glad the kids are going back to school.

(Yeah, I know this one’s not a comic, per se. But it is a popular sentiment).

Of course, since I’m going back to school myself it’s not like I’d be having the house to myself anyway. And yes, there are some hassles with having the kids home all day, every day in summer — mainly the sibbling squibbling and the “I’m bored” phenomenon — but despite those things I have always genuinely enjoyed hanging out with my kids in the summer. And most importantly, ANY hassles that summer vacation brings are infinitesimal compared to the school year grind of getting  them out of bed early, making sure they have school lunches, making sure homework gets done, dropping off, picking up, etc etc etc. And then getting home after work and trying to get everything done while preparing a meal that meets some kind of basic nutritional standards …

Oh yeah. In September, THIS is the cartoon I most relate to:

I guess we’ve all got some things to rejoice about, and some things to complain about, as another school year gets underway. Whatever your September brings, may you have a great one!


4 thoughts on “My Life in Comix

  1. September doesn’t make much of a difference for me yet, since Jr isn’t in kindergarten yet. But I am looking forward to a few hours to myself once he starts! In the meantime, I’m enjoying this last year he and I have together. So I don’t really fit into any categories either. 🙂

    • It will be nice to have those few hours a day to yourself, Patty, especially for your writing. I understand there are many mothers who don’t feel as completely ground down as I do by the daily challenges of the school-year routine — hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones!

  2. Why do they want dinner every night? Because school cafeterias suck. And the bag lunches you may have supplied didn’t meet *their* nutritional standards, and got traded or tossed. Simple. Sorry to those in charge of meal preparation everywhere.

    • Well, no matter what they got for lunch they’d probably still expect to be fed in the evening. It’s more a joke about the grinding, unrelenting dailiness of doing basic household chores like feeding a family (or washing dishes, or laundry, or anything that has to be done over and over, day after day …) But really, once you’ve explained a joke, you’ve killed it.

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