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Writing Wednesday: Getting Started

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Today begins a new and hopefully weekly feature here on the blog: my vlog! Yes, I’ve turned to video blogging, despite serious doubts about how pretty you have to be to have a vlog. Thanks to my YouTube-loving children, I’ve followed lots of vlogs this year and I really enjoy the format (though I do recognize it’s frustrating for those whose internet connections are too slow to enjoy video. Don’t worry, I’m not giving up writing on the blog!)

I’ve always felt the weakness of this blog (as well as its charm, though perhaps just to me) is that it jumps lightly from topic to topic, depending on whether I’m thinking about writing, religion, music, parenting or walking the Grand Concourse on any given day. The vlog is going to be more focused: it’s specifically about writing, and even more specifically, I’m video-blogging my way through the process of writing my new novel.

In this first installment I’m out in the family heritage home at Coley’s Point, talking about getting stuck inside the craziness of my own writer brain, the excitement and fear around starting a new project, and hamster balls.


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