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Writing Wednesday 03: Research and My Guilty Secret


It’s that time again!

In this week’s vlog I invite viewers along on a trip to the library to do some research.

Then I reveal a (mildly) guilty secret. But I probably shouldn’t tell you what it is since you might not watch the video then. Let’s just say that not EVERY research trip is, perhaps, strictly necessary …

Sharon reminds me in comments below that I need to post the link to the Water Lily online here, just as I did over at YouTube. Click it and go wallow in some good 1890s journalism.

More coming next week!


4 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday 03: Research and My Guilty Secret

  1. Wait, wait! Where is the link to the Waterlily? I have time to waste and reading oversimplistic, morality tales sounds like a fun way to waste it.

  2. Sorry, the link is “below” if you’re viewing the video in YouTube. I forgot I should put it here as well. I’ll edit this blog when I get home to include that. You’ll love it. I dare you not to get ducked into the tragic tale of Alida.

  3. And I meant “sucked” in not ducked in. Darn PlayBook keyboard. I guess as autocorrects go it could have been worse.

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