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The Ultimate Romance


I love books. Intensely. Deeply. Passionately.

I mean, I love people too of course. I come from a family of people. I married a person and gave birth to two more. I have several close relationships with human beings.

But books … ahhh, books.

You know how with people, you can meet someone new and become completely captivated with them and you’re just swept away with excitement and possibility? And then it either works out or it doesn’t. Most people only get that a few times in their lives, and the best case scenario is that one of those is the right person and you can spend your whole life with them … the cost being that you never get to have that exhilarating falling-in-love experience again.

But with books, you can do it over and over. Once a week, if you’re lucky.

It happened to me this week: I opened a book I’d picked up (OK, downloaded, it was an ebook) almost at random. I hadn’t had it recommended to me; hadn’t read any reviews; wasn’t familiar with the author. Just saw it in a bookstore, judged it by its cover (as we all do), read the blurb and thought “this might be interesting,” and then bought the ebook. Forgot about it for a few weeks while reading other books and then started it and was immediately, by the end of the second chapter, absolutely captivated and drawn in to the world the author had created.

I guess it’s good that books are different from people. I mean, my husband is the only man I would want to spend the rest of my life with, but could you imagine having to pick only one book to read for the rest of your life?

Also, of course, with books the stakes are much lower. If a book doesn’t fulfill its early promise, I put it away, forget about it, and pick another. No tears, no recriminations, no hurt feelings (maybe a bit of resentment if I paid for it). Just move on to the next. I guess people-relationships are like that for some people, but rarely for both people in a relationship. If I thought a book was feeling hurt every time I didn’t enjoy reading it … oh dear, that’d be awful.

As for the book I fell in love with this week? Did the relationship work out? Well, I was completely enthralled all the way through. Loved every minute of the ride. Had a few quibbles with the final chapter — I didn’t totally like the way it ended. Oh, and isn’t that so often the way with relationships? Had a great time, didn’t quite like how it ended. I’m not convinced  yet whether it will make it to the year’s Top Ten book list but this has been an exceptionally good reading year for me so the competition is going to be tough this time around.

I don’t have the review of that book posted yet but should in a few days. Meanwhile, I leave you with a link to other books I’ve read, loved and not-so-much loved lately, and a question: Does the book/relationship analogy work at all to describe your relationship with reading? Or is it just me who’s nuts around here?


3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Romance

  1. I loved this blog entry of yours. LOL on the comments re people but you absolutely nailed it re my relationship with books. Growing up I always had my nose in a book, whether we were driving past the Grand Canyon or I was supposed to be vacuuming the living room. Now I do it on my kindle but hardly leave one room for another without carrying that along. And if I’m busy with both hands (folding laundry comes to mind) I have an earbud in, listening to an audiobook. I simply cannot imagine my life without books.

    • I’ve never been able to get into listening to audiobooks, which makes me feel like I’m missing out on valuable reading time, but otherwise, yes, I always have a book handy. I think I wrote another blog post once comparing my reading habits to an addiction — always worried about my supply and wondering where the next hit is going to come from!

  2. Grew up loving books and couldn’t get enough reading in from grade school to now. Have a small library of only a few hundred now, but have probably had to dispose of many times that many over the years beause of frequent moves. Mostly historical and information types left now, but oh, the wonder of a good book never palls. And it can be read over and over again with the same delight. The mind can make such beautiful pictures from from a few well chosen words aptly put together.

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