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And More Congratulations … This Time for Emma


Today was a big day in our family because Emma got baptized.

For the benefit of anyone who doesn’t know this, as Adventists we practice “believer’s baptism” which means that while we have a service of dedication for new babies, we don’t baptize kids until they’re old enough to decide whether they want to be baptized themselves. Back in the spring Emma and her good friend Emily decided that they wanted to be baptized and after several months of Bible studies with our pastor, today was their baptism (along with two other ladies who were joining our congregation).

To celebrate the occasion I put together this slideshow of some of Emma’s milestones in her life with our family and our church family that have led her to this day. I set it to a song that she and I both love because it captures that moment as a young person when you have to decide whether your parents’ faith is going to be yours, too. We’re glad for the choice Emma made today and although we know that life will have many twists and turns we hope and pray she stays on this path. Happy baptismal day, Emma! We love you so much and are proud of the young lady you’re growing up to be.


2 thoughts on “And More Congratulations … This Time for Emma

  1. Congratulations, Emma (and mom)! Jesus is a powerful person and force to live with – good choice.

  2. So happy for you Emma….Jesus will never leave you nor abandon you…Isn’t this the best promise EVER?

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