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You Know It’s Christmas When …

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…I find time for another mom-brag!

Last week my son and his friends entered this contest. One of the prizes was having a professionally-produced video of your song, which for a teenage songwriter is a pretty cool prize. Sadly, although they got some very positive comments from judges on their song, Chris and his band weren’t among the winners. So this weekend, Chris decided to shoot his own video for the song. Not having all the band members handy (not to mention the lack of professional video equipment or a budget), he used what he had available. Here’s the result:

I am so proud of this kid and not only his musical skills, but also his video-production skills. It’s well worth checking out his whole YouTube channel since as well as music videos he makes some really funny vlogs, especially his recent ones on “How To Be a Nerd” and “Television vs. Books.” Also, sometimes I have to get him to show me how to do things on YouTube when I’m doing my own vlogs … it’s good to have a teenager in the house!


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