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Three Concerts: Four Minutes

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It feels a bit weird to post something lighthearted about kids’ Christmas concerts right after the post on the Newtown tragedy. But for those of us who are blessed to have our school-aged kids with us, you know ’tis the season to attend concerts. Music teachers’ recitals, school plays and concerts, church concerts … it’s not at all unusual to attend twice as many concerts as you have kids. We’ve gone to four concerts in which one or both of our kids were playing this season; our video camera died at one of them but we got footage from the other three. If you don’t have kids, or if your kids have outgrown the Christmas-concert season and you’re nostalgic for it, you don’t have to miss out! Not at all! I’ve thoughtfully condensed the hours of Christmas carols into a four-minute video which features Chris playing violin along with his dad and grampa in our church Christmas program, Emma playing piano at her recital, Emma playing clarinet and Chris playing trumpet in the school band, and finally Chris singing backed up by the school’s guitar ensemble and choir. Merry concerts!


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