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Writing Wednesday 12: A Genius Trapped in the Walls?

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This week’s Writing Wednesday finds me reflecting on how (and why) December has not been a productive writing month for me.

As you can see from this video, I really struggle with the concept of being “inspired” as a writer. I mean, I get ideas that I think are good ones, but I don’t have much sense of being set on fire by the Muse, or being filled with divine inspiration, or anything. I just write and do my best. Or, as in the case of the last few weeks, don’t write as much as I should. And I only really feel “inspired” when I’m in the middle of writing something — that is, I only find out what the story is about and what’s going to happen, by actually doing it.

One day earlier this fall — probably in November, since that’s when I was being really productive — I remember walking home from Chapters (where I often go to write when I can get away) in the evening, and an idea for a scene that would reveal a lot about my two main characters and the relationship between them came into my head almost fully-formed, and it was perfect. I remember standing on the corner at the stoplight on Freshwater Rd. and Stamps Lane and the whole scene unfolding in my mind. I guess you could say that was a moment of inspiration. But it came immediately after I’d been writing (some fairly dull, uninspired stuff) and I really believe that the inspiration wouldn’t have come without the writing coming first.

So if I need the Muse to start talking to me, I know what I need to do.


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