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Writing Wednesday 15: Virus Alert!

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Not a computer virus, no, but the kind of virus that keeps you off the computer and stops you from getting any useful work done. I’ve had a cold since Saturday night and while I’m feeling better now, I lost some valuable time that I was going to use to work on editing the first part of my novel. The novel work was Not To Be this week, but I have high hopes for next week! In the meantime, I drew names and announced the four winners of my New Year’s book giveaway, so you can watch the video to see if you were a winner!


One thought on “Writing Wednesday 15: Virus Alert!

  1. I share your sentiments, and i remember how my fellow lesson discussion members disagreed when i tried to explain what the statement “the authors of the Bible were inspired, not the words themselves” to mean that the authors’ words were influenced by their occupation, social status and cultural background. I was disappointed that they couldnt see it that way, when i was so convinced this is what it meant.

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