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Writing Wednesday 18: Power, Politics & Panda Earmuffs

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In this week’s video I’m back outdoors during a January cold snap, showing off some very windblown hair and some strong opinions. This week’s vlog is only tangentially about writing; it’s really about why I wanted to include the story of Newfoundland’s early suffragists in my novel, and about how my political views and my writing connect. With the news this week that half of Canada’s provincial premiers are now women, I wanted to reflect on what this means for feminists like me. Have we “arrived”? Is the struggle over? Is it good news even if we disagree with the politics of women in positions of political power? And what would our foremothers, who worked so hard to win the right to vote, think of it all? Have their dreams of a kinder, gentler, woman-ruled world come true?

Next week I’ll be back to more specifically writing-related topics, but given the subject of the novel I felt like this was a digression worth taking.

I haven’t been doing very well at keeping up additional blog entries in between the Wednesday and Saturday vlog posts. I’ve started some, but this is a really busy time of year, with a new semester kicking off at work, and it may be awhile before life settles down. Tomorrow I’ll be posting another video — a month-end wrap-up of the books I’ve read and reviewed in January over on Compulsive Overreader. And there will be the opportunity to win a book!


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