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No Video Today


I’m sure this won’t leave a gaping hole in anyone’s life, but there will be no Searching Sabbath video today until some technical glitches get ironed out. This week’s topic is God the Son, aka Jesus, and I had the video all filmed, but YouTube’s not letting me upload it. We’ve encountered this problem before and the usual work-arounds aren’t working, so this may take some time to get ironed out. Hopefully I’ll have it solved before Writing Wednesday, but we’ll see. 

Technology … so awesome, and so frustrating.


2 thoughts on “No Video Today

  1. Have you tried switching browsers. That usually works for me.

  2. Yes, I think I”ve tried ever browser known to man. For a long time I couldn’t upload using Chrome (weird considering that Chrome and YouTube are both Google products) but I could do it with IE. Now neither of them work, nor does Firefox.

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