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Writing Wednesday 19: A Perfect Day

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I haven’t been having a lot of perfect days in my YouTube life lately, because I’m still unable to upload from home, which is a pain in the neck, and I haven’t yet had time to write the sternly worded letter to YouTube customer support that I feel the situation requires (seriously, we’ve tried everything, and been through several rounds of “support” with them). But then, when I do have the time to write anything?

That’s the subject of this week’s video (uploaded from work, which I may have to keep doing for the next little while, not that it’ll make any difference to you watching it). When do writers find time to write? Especially writers who are working day jobs AND caring for families? Sometimes it really does seem like an impossible juggling act. An unexpected free day last week allowed me to dabble in the “full time writer” lifestyle and reflect on what it would be like if writing were the ONLY thing I had to do.

Since this video grew out of an online discussion (on Facebook) I’m interested in continuing the discussion here. If you’re a writer, when do you find time to write? And how do you balance writing with the other commitments in your life?


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