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Sunday Supplement 02: Testing Truths


My conversation with Ed Dickerson about the Genesis Creation story continues this week. Please note Ed was clever enough to use a picture of my beautiful hometown as a backdrop. I am less clever so my backdrop is the usual scene of my bookshelves. I filmed this the same time as this week’s Searching Sabbath, so I’m still (unintentionally) showing off my pajama bottoms. Next week it’s back to black jeans, I promise. Also, for anyone like Jennifer S. or my mom who was concerned, the bandaid on my arm is from giving blood, not having it taken or anything else put in!

Enough about me … back to Genesis. I’m enjoying this exchange with Ed, though I don’t know if I’m any closer to having answers. In fact, once the concept of “testing truths” was introduced by Ed, I may have moved even further away from having answers. But I find the discussion — not just with Ed but with those of you who post comments — very helpful. Below, here’s Ed’s latest video and then my response.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Supplement 02: Testing Truths

  1. I like your point about not having enough years left (or inclination enough) to get more scientific answers. I’ve been thinking about that lately, too, and I’m about ten years your junior. If I live to be in my nineties, I have about 60 years left. It’s not a long time on this planet, and it makes me wonder what I want to do with it. What are my priorities with the time I have?

    • Yes … it’s not like I was ever planning on a degree in paleontology or anything, but I do realize that I can’t learn and explore EVERYTHING I want to know, and find the answers to all my questions, in a limited human lifespan (which still seems to me to have a lot of time left in it, but I do know it won’t last forever).

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