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The Day Has Come!

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It was bound to happen … as soon as you have two babies, two toddlers, two preschoolers, the inevitable outcome is that someday you’ll have two teenagers. Today is that day. Emma turns 13 and I officially have two teens in the house.

I had the cutest picture I wanted to show you … from when the kids were about 5 and 7, and one day they dressed up with hats and both got into these sort of “rapper” poses, and said, “Look Mom! This is what we’ll look like when we’re teenagers!!”

It would have been the perfect picture to post today but what they don’t tell you is that when they’re teenagers, one of them will REFUSE TO LET YOU POST THE CUTE PICTURE. And you have to respect their wishes, because they’re practically adults and all. In some ways.

So I’ll just post my favourite picture of three-year-old Emma and tell you that she is even more beautiful now.



And even though they come with opinions of their own and rights to be respected, and I like to moan and groan as much as the next parent about the dread and fear of having two teenagers, I actually am sort of looking forward to it. I’ve always been more comfortable around teenagers than around little kids, and although there is all the difference in the world between relating to kids as a teacher or youth leader, and as a parent, I hope some of my relating-to-teenagers skills will continue to help not just with relating to my own kids but also to their friends.

So far I have to say that Chris has been an excellent teenager and Emma has been a great pre-teen so I’m expecting lots of fun and plenty of interesting conversations in the years ahead. The development of logical thought, independent opinions, and of course the judicious use of sarcasm, are real joys to me as my kids get older. That’s not to say there are no challenges in the teen years — they certainly do have their unique problems, just as every age does. But they have their pleasures as well and I plan to enjoy those to the fullest.

Clearly, I’ve got a great attitude today. Check back with me in a year or two. Maybe by then I’ll be allowed to post cute pictures again.

Happy birthday Emma!!


One thought on “The Day Has Come!

  1. They should only be as good teenagers as their mother was!

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