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Writing Wednesday 32: The Journey of 1000 Words


This week: a not-very-secret formula for moving forward when I’m stuck with my writing, as I have been for the last little while. I’ve been researching, revising and planning for the last few months but it’s past time for me to actually write the second half of the book. And I’ve been procrastinating. Now I’m not. This week I talk about how I got from there to here. Today’s video includes bonus captioning for the moments when the brisk St. John’s wind gets so loud you can’t hear what I’m saying, because I didn’t have time to re-shoot.


2 thoughts on “Writing Wednesday 32: The Journey of 1000 Words

  1. Hi!
    I hope this is not invasion on your blog, but haven’t been able to find background on the Alex books-
    My daughters are DESPERATE to know if Westhaven is actually based on our own home away from home, Camp Mohaven. The layout of horse barn, pool, cafe, and nature center are VERY familiar

  2. LOL, no, it was just a generic sort of camp layout … I didn’t base it on any specific place, and I’ve never been to Camp Mohaven (though I’m sure I know people who have!).

    I came from a conference (Newfoundland) where we had a VERY small church camp, and the camp in the Alex books was based on the stories I’d heard friends tell of working at bigger Adventist camps that were open all summer instead of just one week like ours. Most of my friends had worked at Frenda, Foothills, or Au Sable but I’d never actually been to camp at any of those places!!

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