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Writing Wednesday 34: You’re the Inspiration

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This past weekend was one of my favourite kinds of weekends — one of those rare getaways where the Strident Women (or as many of them are available on a given weekend) retreat to Coley’s Point to read, write, workshop, laugh, talk, play Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble … or do whatever we find relaxing. This was a good weekend since 5/6 of us were able to be there (Natalie had to miss it at the last minute, but she has a small baby and as you know babies are ticking time bombs of unpredictability, so we hope to see her next time). I decided to record a Writing Wednesday episode about inspiration, but as you’ll see, I had to overcome some obstacles — primarily the wind and my own incompetence, since I wasn’t using my regular video camera. But in the end I discovered that no matter what the obstacles, the Strident Women are pretty inspiring — as well as entertaining.

I only wish I could show you the outtakes … but I won’t.


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