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Writing Wednesday 38: At Least I’m Not Painting

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Today’s video is kind of an update to this blog post from last year. I’m so happy and grateful that I’m in a better mental space, writing-wise, than I was this time last year.

I haven’t really solved the problems that got me into that mental logjam. The three unpublished manuscripts — contemporary novels that I think are quite good, but have so far not been irresistible to any editor or agent — are still gathering dust (which is what they do after they gather rejections). But I’ve decided to focus on what I know I can do that people enjoy reading — which, right now, is historical fiction set here in Newfoundland. There are enough stories to tell in that field to keep me busy for quite sometime, and as for those other books, maybe their destiny is to be published someday or maybe not. I’ve just decided to let that go for now. I’m glad I got immersed in this current project and I really believe the decision to create this vlog to document the process of writing the novel helped me keep going, especially at the beginning of the project. And as I plunge into a summer of writing and further research, there are lots of fun videos to come as I take viewers along with me on some of my adventures. Stay tuned!


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