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A Little Hoarse

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littlehorseSorry, there’s no Searching Sabbath video this week. I’ve had a sort of cough/sore throat thing going on all this week and yesterday, when I was going to record the video, my voice had this kind of husky/scratchy sound that I didn’t think would be at all appealing on video, so you’ll have to wait till next week for my next installment of the Adventist fundamental beliefs, and my thoughts on them. Kudos to anyone who’s stuck with the series thus far. I would have loved a little more discussion / debate on the Ellen White entry last week, so if you’re so inclined you could scroll down to last Sabbath and leave a comment there.

The combination of having this sore throat (fortunately without any other coughy/fluey symptoms) and a week of really unpleasant cold/gray/wet weather, has made the first week of summer vacation less idyllic than it might have been. Mind you, the kids have enjoyed sleeping late, lounging around the house, watching TV at all hours, and I have been productive and written at least 10,000 words, maybe more. But the things I enjoy about summer — taking the dog for long walks dressed only in capris and a T-shirt (me, not the dog), taking the kids and some friends to Manuels River to swim — will have to wait. Maybe this coming week?

Actually, this coming week Jason and I will be hitting the road as I go on a little research trip to the town of Port Union, where part of my novel is set. We’re leaving the kids behind with my dad, because while I can count on Jason to do his own thing and let me focus on learning about Port Union, if the kids come too then it becomes a family vacation and there’s a whole different dynamic going on, and I won’t get the research I need done. We’re only going for two days but I’m quite excited about this little trip so you will be hearing more about it later. Just wish a little sunshine for us on our way, please!


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