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Writing Wednesday 42: Seeking Distraction

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We’ve had  a few days in a row now of beautiful summer weather and I am doing everything possible to get out and enjoy them as much as possible, which I feel is almost a religious obligation if you live in Newfoundland. But at the same time I’ve been trying to work through edits on this draft of the novel. Sometimes these can be incompatible goals. Even though last week’s vlog was about getting away from distractions, I felt I had to be honest about the fact that sometimes I knowingly waste time — and not even floating around the lake on an inflatable raft, which I think is absolutely appropriate July behavior. No, this is a video about all the dumb time-wasting things I do to distract myself, especially when the writing or editing is difficult and tedious. Oh, and there’s one that’s not so dumb. Plus, you get to see some different parts of my house where I don’t usually shoot videos, so that’s fun. My T-shirt is not quite as cool as last week’s though. Well, no T-shirt on earth is, really.


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