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Searching Sabbath 27: The Millennium


Second-last vlog in this series. I won’t deny that I’m getting eager for this series to end, not because I haven’t enjoyed doing them (I’ve particularly enjoyed the discussions with people in the comments) but because between this and my Writing Wednesday videos, I’m not getting much non-video blogging done, and I want to get back to doing some more of that. So this week’s vlog focuses on Adventist teaching about the end of time — what happens after the second coming. As always, there’s a lot more here to discuss than can be covered in a short video so I’m hoping to hear from you in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Searching Sabbath 27: The Millennium

  1. You are so correct! I remember when studying Revelation in college and being disturbed by not finding the sequence we hold to being supported in Revelation. As you point out, there is sufficient vagueness with regard to chronology that at best one can say: “here is one view that may or may not be exact.” A further problem develops from a “literal” interpretation. Adventists don’t believe in “literal” inspiration but are not hesitant to extract literal events from a book so filled with symbolism such as a real “city” coming down and living forever on Earth. There is no “forever” anywhere in the Universe. It is a dynamic and ever changing realm. In a billion or so years from now the Sun will be 10% warmer than it is now making life on Earth impossible. In about 5 billion years the circumference of the Sun will have expanded to a size that includes Earth’s orbit, thus incinerating what’s left of the planet. These are natural forces following physical laws as set up by the Creator and they are universal — not limited to our “sinful,” “fallen” world. Ergo, “forever” has to be in some other non-physical plane of existence.

  2. I think you nailed it squarely on the head when you said that Adventists could do with a little more humility when it comes to interpreting prophecy! I’d take it a step further and say that Adventists could do with a lot more humility period, both on a corporate and personal level. I am increasingly uncomfortable with our claims on being the remnant church and having an exclusive lock on ‘truth’. Yes, we do have some pretty strong Biblical backing for some of our beliefs, but many others depend on reading texts from a certain point of view. I do wish there was more room for mystery in our doctrines.

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