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Writing Wednesday 68: Room to Grow (with Bonus HIMYM Rant)

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Today’s video immerses us in pop-culture a little bit as I analyze why I (and thousands if not millions of fans) thought the series finale of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother was so badly executed. If you liked the series but haven’t yet seen the finale and have somehow remained unspoiled, please DON’T watch my video till you’ve seen the finale. Then come back and watch it. I think the basic problem was a writing-related problem, or, more specifically, a plotting problem, and it’s one a lot of writers fall prey to. That’s the problem of having your story so tightly planned that you don’t allow room for change or surprise. I won’t say anything more for fear of spoilers (there are plenty in the video!!) but if you’re a hardcore “planner” in your approach to plotting, you might want to rethink the value of having your ending locked in from the very beginning. Stories need room to grow, whether in the pages of a novel or on a TV screen.


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