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Writing Wednesday 73: Stories About Jane

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I have them. You have them too, especially if you’re a writer and/or a hoarder (or your parents are a bit hoardy). Your early writings — those first stories, poems, cartoons or whatever you produced in your younger and wildly creative years. What do you think you’d find if you pulled those out?

I decided to explore this when my dad unearthed some of my early works at his place awhile back. But I decided to do it with the camera turned on. Here’s the (condensed) version of what I discovered when I cracked the construction-paper covers of Stories About Jane, volumes 1, 2 and 3.

I also did this awhile back with old poetry, although only in print form here on the blog. It was back in the good old days (pre Facebook, vlogs etc) when my blogs actually used to get comments, so it’s kind of neat to go back and read that now too. I wonder if someday I’ll be as nostalgic about these blogs and vlogs I made in my 40 as I am now about Stories About Jane? Hopefully I won’t be as embarrassed about them — but I might well be!


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