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Shelf Esteem: No Book for You!


I’d love to hear some comments on this one when people have watched the video. Are there books you just WON’T read? Why or why not?


4 thoughts on “Shelf Esteem: No Book for You!

  1. 🙂 good open sharing of your opinions Trudy. I still haven’t read “Lolita” although the book “Reading Lolita in Tehran” almost convinced me to. I think child abuse is just too disturbing for me, especially when the protagonist is the abuser.

    On another note, sometimes I lay a book down just because I find the author annoying. I don’t need to deal with some author’s pretentious attitudes or style in my spare time. Sometimes I think, “This is too silly for words,” and I walk away.

    • Oh yes, I think that’s a whole other category — books that I don’t want to read, not because they’re disturbing or i feel they’re morally bad, but because they just annoy the heck out of me!!

  2. I agree with all you say here Trudy. You mention 2 books I won’t read, and for the reasons you give, 50 Shades and Room. The latter mainly because I’m claustrophobic . I enjoyed the Steig Larson books despite the violence, same with Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta books which I speed read over the gross bits. I’ve given up reading Cornwell’s books for another reason, they had become so formulaic. I won’t read horror books or watch horror films as I’m easily scared and have a vivid imagination. Swearing is OK if natural to the character and as long as there isn’t too much of it. I do believe life is too short to spend time reading a book you don’t enjoy, even if everyone else has.

    • Yes! I think that’s the key point — even if everyone else (or one person you really trust) says “this book is great” — you know best whether it’s a good fit for YOU or not. And if it’s not, then you shouldn’t read it no matter what anyone says.

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