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Shelf Esteem: Bookshelf Tour


Over on Tumblr, I often see book bloggers sharing beautifully shot photographs of their artfully arranged bookshelves, organized by colour, by theme, or some other clever scheme. My books are arranged by “whatever fits on that shelf” and the result is quite messy. Despite this, I decided to take friends and vlog viewers on a tour of (some of) the many bookshelves in my home. I also offer viewers a chance to pick out books for me to talk about in upcoming videos and even win a book, so play along!


2 thoughts on “Shelf Esteem: Bookshelf Tour

  1. I love that your bookshelves are as messy and disorganized as mine! It’s also cool that you celebrate worn spines, although I have to say that it drives me crazy when old favourite books start falling apart ….

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