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ECT#1 — Father Troy’s Trail, Gallows Cove to Church Cove

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churchcoveI’ve decided one of the things I want to do this summer is see how much of the East Coast Trail I can hike. Unlike my Grand Concourse project from summer 2012, I’m not going to set any lofty goals like completing the whole trail network, because hiking trails are a much bigger committment and more time-consuming than walking trails (and harder to get to as many are farther from my home), but I’m going to do what I can — aided and abetted by the fact that my lovely daughter has taken a part-time job in the town of Torbay, about a 20-minute drive from home and close to several trail access points. Tonight i started out alone and had an unexpected minor adventure on a short section of Father Troy’s trail from Gallows Cove to Church Cove.

I’d planned a short walk, about 20-25 minutes up the trail in one direction, then back to where I’d parked the car. However, it turned into a long hike because it was a beautiful evening on a lovely trail, and I was lured further on by the chance of finding a geocache.

I ended up hiking down and up much steeper trails than I’d intended. At one point I passed a sign that showed Father Troy’s trail continuing on ahead, with the “Church Cove Loop” (marked “Difficult”) veering off to the right. I’m not the sort of hiker who does well on “Difficult” trails, but the cache I was looking for was at Church Cove, so I thought I’d push on towards it.

I found myself heading down, down, down, then crossed a stream at the bottom of the lovely little waterfall where I snapped a picture. After that it was all up, up, up, clambering over steps cut in the rock, thinking “Was this really a good idea?” It was a much steeper and harder hike (almost a climb, by this time). The view from the top of Church Cove was worth it (and I found the cache) but I wasn’t looking forward to the climb back. I’d already been hiking for an hour now and figured it would take me even longer to get back.

Then, in the clearing at the top of Church Cove where the cache was hidden, I turned around, looked at the signs, and saw one pointing off to my left: “Father Troy’s Trail to Torbay.” The shorter, much easier route that I’d turned off of, ended up in the exact same place I had been heading for. I’d taken what turned out to be a much longer, tougher route to arrive at the very same spot.

There’s a life lesson in there somewhere!

I took the easy route back, of course. Look for more East Coast Trail updates over the coming months …

Trail: Father Troy’s Trail, Gallows Cove to Church Cove
Distance: about 3k one way (6k total)


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