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ECT #2, Gallows Cove to (almost) Torbay Beach


photo 1

Continuing from my last blog post, I did another mini-section of Father Troy’s Trail on the ECT this past week. I started at th same spot I started before — Gallows Cove — but headed south instead of north, making it almost all the way to Torbay Beach and back in about an hour. I could have gone farther if someone had been picking me up at the other end, but knowing that if I went all the way down to the beach I’d have to turn around and climb back up kept me from going any farther! It was a beautiful evening; I found three caches and thoroughly enjoyed my little hike.

Observation at Tapper’s Cove: if you’re going to put money into public art for your community, you should put some money aside for maintenance. Otherwise you get this Ghosts of Murals Past look:

photo 2

Distance: about 2.5 km one way, 5K return.


2 thoughts on “ECT #2, Gallows Cove to (almost) Torbay Beach

  1. Some time, while I’m working with Marnie at Running the Goat Press, you should do the Witless Bay to Tor’s Cove leg (2-3 hrs). I can drop you off at one end, and then you can finish your hike at the Press, which is not far from the trail head.

    • Yeah, that might be cool if we could work it out timing-wise. Can I lure you out on the trail with me sometime? It works so much better if there are two cars, one at either end …

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