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ECT #3: Flatrock to Gallows Cove

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I had company this time — my cousin Jennifer joined me for the 5.7 km hike from Flatrock to Gallows Cove on Father Troy’s Trail. Having another hiker is not only good company but offers the possibility of a car parked at both ends so we could do a longer one-way hike. It was a chilly but clear evening and the views were tremendous! Also, I found a cache.

This means I’ve now done almost all of Father Troy’s Trail, except for the little piece from Torbay Beach to the Spray Lane end of the trail, and I’ll soon have to start branching out to other parts of the East Coast trail.

Distance: 5.7 km. Probably would have been an even 6 if we’d walked all the way out to the Beamer at Flatrock, but I was in a bit of a hurry to pick up Emma from work so we took a shortened version and did not go right out to the end of the point (if we had, I’d probably have found another cache, because there is one out there).


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