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Dating Myself

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One expression I’ve always found kind of hilarious is “dating myself.” Of course people use it to mean “showing how old I am, ” like when you say that the M*A*S*H finale was the best series finale in TV history (you know it’s true) and then you giggle and say, “Oops, I’m dating myself!” because that aired in 1983 and some of the people you’re talking to may not have been, you know, BORN YET. But I always hear it as “going on a date with myself” and think, “Dating yourself? Well at least you know you’re out with someone who shares your interests ….”

I have had to date myself quite a bit since Jason has been seconded to Halifax for four months to work at the Halifax Shipyard. He’s home on weekends, so that’s good and we can date each other quite a bit then, but during the weekdays I’m on my own with two teenage children who have jobs and lives of their own. Fortunately, I do enjoy going to restaurants by myself for a nice meal (assuming I have a good book) and I don’t object taking in a movie or any other form of entertainment by myself if no-one else who might like it is free to join me (or even if I just want to go alone).

perchanceYesterday I took myself on a lovely date. I drove out to Cupids to see Perchance Theatre’s production of Much Ado About Nothing in their lovely little semi-outdoor theatre built in the style of Shakespeare’s Globe. Despite occasional bursts of rain which the cast, attired in WW2 period costume, did a great job of working around (and ad-libbing about), the production was a joy to watch. It featured a Claudio and Hero (Dylan Brenton and Erin Mackey) who made those rather thankless roles charming and appealing, and a Beatrice and Benedick (Alexis Koetting and John Sheehan) who stole the show exactly as Beatrice and Benedick should always do (nobody will ever beat Catherine Tate and David Tennant in the B&B roles for me, but Sheehan and Koetting did a fantastic job and of course, I saw them live which is always the best way to see Shakespeare).

The theatre is right next to a hiking trail, and by the time the play was out the rain had stopped so I went for a short hike on codchowderthe Burnt Head trail, then drove over to Brigus for the Country Corner Cafe’s special: cod chowder and blueberry crisp (not together. The chowder is your main course and the blueberry crisp is your dessert — did I have to explain that?). Seriously, if you live within driving distance of Brigus and you are not a vegetarian (or allergic to fish) GO THERE NOW and have a bowl of that cod chowder. It may be the best soup ever put into a bowl since humans started making soup. And of course I had a wonderful book along to read while I enjoyed my supper.

All in all it was a great date. While I’ll be glad to have Jason home tonight for a weekend together, the fact that I enjoy my own company has made this summer easier to bear. If you haven’t taken yourself on a date lately, I highly recommend asking yourself out. After all, you know what you like!


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